String to JSON

String to JSON Converter is a web-based tool that converts your misstructured string into an understandable JSON instantly, and shows code in a tree, plain text, and form view. You don’t have to follow any unnecessary set of procedures for converting strings into JSON.

How to Use Our String to JSON Converter?

You can follow the below mentioned steps to convert string to JSON using our tool.

After accessing this string to JSON converter, type or paste a string in the given box.

Apart from this, users can also upload a file stored on their device, or fetch string by entering a URL that contains it.

After that, click the “Convert to JSON” button to start the process.

You can Download the string file by clicking on the “Download” button.

JSON Example

The understanding of JSON syntax is essential if you want to know the logic and working of JSON effectively. You can get familiar with the JSON structure by going through the following example.

Features of String to JSON Converter

Our string to JSON online tool is providing outstanding features to everyone without charging a penny. Several websites are providing the services of string to JSON JavaScript conversion, but most of them might not be able to match our tool’s excellence. Some of the top features of our string to JSON tool are discussed below.

User Friendly Interface

The super-friendly user interface and clear instructions of our online tool allow the users to convert large-sized and ambiguous strings into JSON without any hassle. You won’t experience any complexity while using our online string to JSON converter due to its easy to understand layout.

Convert String to JSON With One Click

The process of converting a string into JSON with our online converter doesn’t involve any intricacies. You can convert your strings into JSON with a single click on the “Convert to JSON” button.

Support Multiple Code Upload Options

As mentioned earlier, it’s not an ordinary tool that just lets the users copy-paste the strings. You can also upload the file saved on your device or fetch strings by merely entering a URL.

No need of Software Installation

Many people may have a doubt that they would have to install special software on their device to convert string files to JSON. Our tool allows you to turn a long string into JSON without making any software installation.

Compatible with all Operating Systems

A common issue faced by people with online tools is that they can use them on a specific operating system. But our string to JSON online converter is accessible from any device, whether it’s running on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac. The user will not find any difference in the tool’s performance or the results generated by it.

Downloadable Results

After completing the conversion process, you don’t have to copy the JSON code and paste it into a file, as our tool is providing you with the download option. With just a single click on the “Download” button, the file will be saved on your device.

Fast and Secure Conversion

There isn’t any need to wait for hours to get your converted JSON file, as you might have to do while using other online JSON tools. Our tool provides you with the safest and fastest conversion of your strings into JSON files.

Easy to access from anywhere

If you think that you need to sit in your office, classroom, or any specific place to get assistance from our JSON tool, then it’s not true at all. Our tool can be accessed from any corner of the planet by having a strong connection to the internet.

String to JSON Conversion - A Mechanism to Recognize

A string is a vital element for web developers, as it assists them in interconnecting or exchanging data between two or more servers/computers. A string contains an array of values, and each array is surrounded by square brackets. The list of values in a string are separated with a comma.

However, the strings’ interpretation becomes a nuisance for people when they represent a compound data structure. Here, You can use our string to JSON tool to transform complex strings into JSON, which is a lightweight and easy-to-understand data interchange format.

Moreover, if you get involved in the manual process to convert string to JSON, it will end up consuming a lot of time and effort. Plus, you wouldn’t be sure that the conversion is 100% accurate, as human error is common. Hence, the easy way out is to convert String to JSON online with our converter. By merely uploading a string and clicking a button, you can convert a string into JSON objects in a matter of seconds.

Understanding JSON.stringify() Method

As a programmer, you might have an idea that JSON.stringify() is a process in JavaScript that presents a JSON object as an argument and returns JSON data in string format.

What Does the JSON.stringify Method do?

The primary reason for converting a string into JSON format is so that it can be transmitted on the web easily. However, it is important to understand here that the information should be in the string to send or receive it through a web server.

The JSON.stringify() method allows you to convert your JSON object into a JSON text that is stored in a string. You can transmit this converted data easily to a web server without any hesitation.

JSON.stringify() Syntax

The Syntax of JSON.stringify() is as follows:

JSON.stringify(value, replacer, space)

JSON.stringify() Parameters

    Value: It is the value that will be converted into a JSON string.

    Replacer (optional): It is a function that turns the behavior of the whole process of creating a string, or an array of strings and numbers, that works as a checklist for picking the attributes of a value object that will be added in the JSON format. In case the value is null, then all attributes of the object will be added in the resultant JSON string.

    Space (optional): A String object that can be used to add white spaces into the resultant JSON string for understanding purposes. If this is a Number, it specifies the number of space characters to utilize as white space; this number is covered at 10. Values smaller than 1 denote that no space can be utilized.

JSON.stringify() Examples

Libraries for Converting Strings into JSON Objects

The Below mentioned libraries are most commonly used to Convert String to JSON objects.

Jackson Library

Jackson Library is an effective Java library to map Java objects into JSON. The high-performance streaming support makes this Jackson library the best library to use. This library can parse an extensive JSON output from web applications without uploading it completely.

JSON-Simple Library

This is another free-to-use Java library appreciated for turning JSON string into a JSON object. The main reason for using this JSON library is its compact size.

Gson Library

Gson is also another open-source and highly useful Java library presented by Google. It is widely used to translate JSON String to JSON Object and further JSON Object to JSON String quickly.

About String to JSON Converter

The String to JSON converter provided by is an efficient tool that allows you to turn your JSON values text, Boolean, and numbers into JSON code. The tool also fixes inadvertent incorporation of punctuations automatically and allows you to eliminate errors that are difficult to locate through manual procedures.

As you know, a string is a series of characters in proper order; several rules were brought to light to recognize compound data formations as strings. JSON is one of those languages or syntax that can describe arrays, strings, objects, numbers, Boolean, and null. These strings can be passed to other similar applications to decode and display information to the user.

Our tool is designed to give you the utmost comfortability in coding, fixing, and converting strings into JSON with the click of a button. You can transform your messy code into a tidy one along with several viewing properties to make it straightforward to read. Moreover, we are also offered a free JSON formatter tool that allows you to quickly format your JSON code in a matter of seconds.


This online converter allows you to convert your lengthy and unclear strings to JSON within a matter of seconds.

You can upload your string file on this tool with a single click and turn your strings to JSON without making any effort.

No! This web-based tool can be utilized by connecting your device with a stable internet connection.

Of course! You are not required to install a particular web browser on your device for using this free converter. You can use the tool on Chrome, Mozilla, or Firefox and convert your strings to JSON instantly.

After downloading the converted file, you can make as many modifications in the JSON file as you desire straightforwardly.

No! You don’t have to go through any sign-up procedure in order to save your JSON data with this free tool.

All the string data you will upload on this free JSON tool will be erased and discarded as soon as processing is over. No string data will be saved on our server and shared with anyone for any possible reason.

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