JSON Checker

JSON Checker allows you to test JSON online, whether code is according to JSON syntax or not. It helps to check JSON code in a couple of seconds.

How to Test JSON Code with Our Tool?

After opening this JSON checker, paste or type the JSON code in the input field.

You can also upload a JSON file stored on your device or enter a URL to fetch JSON.

After that, click the “Check JSON” button.

The results will be displayed instantly. You can either download the file or copy-paste the resulting code.

JSON Example

Strong knowledge of JSON syntax and proper understanding of programming logic is essential to check JSON code. The following example will help you to get familiar with the JSON code easily.

Features of Online JSON Checker

Some of the main features of our JSON checker online tool are as follows.

Easy to use Interface

There are no hard efforts or additional skills required to use this online JSON syntax checker. The super-friendly user interface enables the users to use this tool without any hurdles.

Safe & Secure

If you are having some doubt in your mind that this test JSON tool may carry some virus or bugs that can damage your device or the code you will upload on the tool, then you are wrong. We are providing you with the safest and secure online JSON tool that you might have not seen anywhere before.

Quickly Check JSON & Display Results

The JSON checker available on jsononline.net provides you with the easiest way to test JSON online. Once you upload your JSON file on this tool, the tool will check your JSON file and provide the results in a matter of seconds. You may not have to wait for minutes to get your results.

Highlights JSON Errors With Line Number

Finding an error in a lengthy JSON code is such a difficult task. But, our JSON syntax checker assists you in overcoming this issue, as it highlights the line in the code that makes it easy for you to read the code easily and find the error. You will be able to figure out the error instantly and rewrite it according to the JSON standards.

Download JSON Data

Once you check your JSON code with this JSON checker online tool, then click on the Download button to save the code on your device instantly. You won't face any restrictions with the downloading process of JSON code at all.

Compatible with all Devices

You don’t need to have any particular operating system or device to use this JSON format checker. This tool works equally fine on all devices and operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux.

No Registration Needed

This JSON format checker doesn’t restrict you from going through the boring registration process to use these free services, as most of the online tools do. There is no trial period or limitation required to use this free JSON syntax checker. You can use the tool without paying a single penny to anyone.

No External Software Required

There is no special software required to test JSON code with this JSON checker online tool. This tool is entirely web-based and you don't need to make any installation to use this free JSON syntax checker.

Works on all Web Browsers

This JSON checker online tool allows you to check valid JSON without installing any specific web browser. This online tool works exquisitely fine on all web browsers, including Firefox, Bing, Chrome, etc., and helps you check your JSON instantly.

Get Access from Anywhere

If you are worried that you need to sit in your office, classroom, or any other specific place for using this free JSON checker, then throw this nervousness into the bin right away. You can use this free JSON format checker from any corner of the globe without facing any hassle.

Reasons to Use an Online JSON Checker

Javascript Object Notation (JSON) is considered the best way to store and transmit data over the web. This format is widely used and appreciated by the developers to upload data on the web servers.

However, it is essential to check your JSON before transmitting it to the web, as a minor error in the code may lead you to face a complicated situation. The use of an online JSON checker is the best option for you to save time and effort. Bellow are some possible reasons to use a JSON format checker:

Problems with the Manual Method

Finding the bugs in code is really tough. Isn’t it? If you are a programmer, then you must have an idea that it’s really hard to debug the code. You may have an appropriate knowledge about the code and special applications that can help you to run it and find the error. But the use of an online JSON checker will save you from all these worries, as it requires only a few clicks on your device that will enable you to check JSON code online.

Basic Need For Developers

You may have an idea that the JSON code consists of characters, integers, and symbols, and a minor distraction may disturb your code. Also the fact is, most of the developers end-up with intricate errors in their codes, to get to know about such mistakes an online JSON syntax checker can benefit them in this regard. During the authentication process, it shows each error in the JSON code. Along with checking the standards of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). it also checks that either the values are placed accordingly or not. In addition, you can use our free JSON formatter tool that will format your JSON code in a matter of seconds.

Key Advantages of JSON Syntax

It's simple to comprehend the JSON syntax, which is why it's chosen over XML. There is no need to use a tortuous format of code for analyzing the information. As JSON is lightweight, carrying out the response is expeditious. Bellow are some of the highly beneficial uses of JSON syntax are:

Rapid Response of JSON

If you are familiar with JSON, then you might know that there is no need for closing tags in JSON. It helps to create the file with minimal size and the execution also accelerates.

Uncomplicated Syntax

JSON in comparison to XML is easier to understand and analyze, which makes it possible for the developers to sterilize the data easily. There is no wordiness in this format, which makes it easy to parse. We provide a free JSON to XML converter to help you by giving the quickest conversion.

Excellent Format For Data Transmission

Now, you have got the idea that data is stored in arrays, which makes it easy to share the information across the servers. Web developers are using this format widely because they feel it is easy for the transmission of structured data.

About JSON Checker Online Tool

JSON checker is a web-based tool that will help you know that your JSON code is according to the standard syntax and free from all bugs. You can use this JSON syntax checker tool to restructure your JSON code or discard any unnecessary elements from the code. The best thing about this JSON format checker is that it doesn't have any limitations and allows you to check as many JSON files as you desire without any restriction. Also, you don't have to go through any sign-up procedure at all for using this free JSON tool, like you might have to do while using other online JSON tools.


A JSON checker is an online tool that enables you to test and analyze your JSON code. You can use this tool to ensure that your JSON code has an adequate structure and contains no errors.

You can enter the URL to fetch the JSON code saved on cloud storage and examine it through this online JSON format checker.

No! This tool is completely web-based and can only be accessed by having a strong connection to the internet.

You won't have to face any restriction to check JSON files with this tool. Unlimited JSON files can be checked with this free JSON tool.

All the data you upload will be removed from this JSON file checker tool within a matter of a few minutes. No JSON data uploaded by users will be saved or shared with any third party for any reason.

No! There is no need to make an account or get yourself registered on our site to use this tool. You can save your JSON data without going through any sign-up process.