JSON Viewer

Our JSON viewer online tool allows you to analyze your JSON data in the tree view. It will offer you to examine your JSON code and find the errors in the code easily. The user-friendly interface and clear instructions will help you in viewing your JSON instantly.

How to View JSON Code with Online JSON Viewer?

You can use our JSON viewer to display the results of your coding and to manage the stored data without using any external software.

After accessing this tool, you will see a box where you can start writing or paste the JSON code.

The tool also allows you to upload the JSON file stored on your device or paste the code or enter a URL to fetch JSON.

Lastly, click on the “View JSON” button. The results will be displayed on your screen instantly.

You can Download a JSON file by clicking on the “Download” button. Or copy paste the code into your actual file.


Adequate knowledge of JSON syntax is essential to understand its working. The following example will let you get familiar with the structure and logic of JSON code.

Useful Features of JSON Viewer

You might have seen many online JSON tools over the web, but the features you can enjoy on our JSON reader make it the best tool available in the online world. Some of the main features of this JSON viewer are discussed below.

Interactive User Interface

The best thing about our JSON file viewer is its user-friendly interface. You will feel no ambiguity while using this online tool, as a simple set of instructions will allow you to view your JSON code without going through any hassle.

View JSON Files with One Click

Most of the online tools usually require a sequence of steps to follow for performing your task. However, this is not the case with our JSON file viewer. You can upload and view your JSON files with a single tap on your device straightforwardly.

Support Multiple Code View Options

As a programmer, you may have an idea that JSON code is complex and hard to manage. You must have a tool that can provide you with the assistance in managing and viewing your JSON code. Our tool will not only show code results in a tree view but also displaying in JSON forms, code, and text.

Instantaneous results

Our JSON reader quickly reads your JSON files and shows the results instantly. There is no need to waste your precious time, as you can get your hands on the results instantly with this web-based tool.

Multiple options to input JSON

There are various ways by which you can upload JSON on our JSON file viewer. Some tools might only allow you to copy-paste or type the JSON code, but our tool is providing much more than that. There’s an option to upload the JSON file from your device, and you can also enter a URL to fetch the JSON file from it.

Allow Code Modifications

Alongside viewing JSON, Our JSON reader also allows you to make modifications. With the same tool’s assistance, you can edit and make changes to your JSON code without facing any restrictions.

Highlights Code Errors with Message

Finding the errors in the code isn’t an easy task, as you will have to deeply look into each string in the JSON. Also, the appropriate knowledge about the syntax of JSON is essential to get a better understanding and detection of errors. However, our JSON reader helps in overcoming this problem, as the line that contains an error will be highlighted with an error message that will make you familiar with the code instantaneously.

Download File with a Single Click

Our JSON file viewer doesn't require you to go through any tedious steps to download your JSON file, just click on the “Download” button and save the file on your device.

Compatible with all Devices

The users will not face any kind of compatibility issues for using our tool. You can view JSON files running on any operating system, no matter whether it is Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, or Android. The results, functionality, and speed of our tool will stay the same, no matter which device you’re using it on.

No registration Required

Many online tools ask their users to enter their email or link their social accounts for using the tool. There’s no such hurdle for using our JSON file reader; you can start viewing JSON files as soon as you can access this tool.

No External Software Needed

Our JSON file viewer is entirely a web-based tool that doesn’t require any software installation. You just need an internet connection to get access and view your JSON files. There’s no need to put a burden on your device by installing software for viewing JSON.

Protect User Privacy

Programming is a challenging task, and it requires the utmost attention to save your code from other developers or copycats. Many people feel nervous while using an online tool due to privacy concerns. However, you don’t need to get worried while using our JSON viewer, as the code you upload on our tool will remain protected, and no third party can access it in any case.

Why Do Developers Choose Our Online JSON Viewer?

Developing a JSON application needs an in-depth knowledge of JSON logic and an adequate grip on programming skills. Also, you must have useful tools that can help you in creating and viewing your code. Moreover, use our free JSON formatter to format your JSON code in a matter of seconds.

JSON developers are always in search of tools that can help them in performing their coding effectively. Our free JSON viewer online tool provides them with important features that are available in a premium tool. The fast and accurate results, easy-to-understand layout, and clear instructions make this JSON tool prominent from all other online tools. Therefore, the JSON viewer provided by jsononline.net has become the first choice of hundreds of developers out there when it comes to viewing JSON code.

Why Prefer JSON Over XML?

JSON and XML are both widely used formats to transmit data between a server and a client. However, JSON format is measured as the easiest way for sending data over the web due to its standard structure. The other advantages of using JSON that make it more popular than XML are as follows:

JSON Is Lighter and Faster Than The XML

The JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a lighter format that has become a standard alternative to XML, as it needs much fewer bytes to transmit data between the servers. The lightweight JSON is much faster to parse as compared to XML and makes the data transmission rapid and smooth.

JSON Use Less Space Than XML

A programming file mostly consists of thousands of lines, and it consumes a huge space of your device to store such files. However, JSON code is a much lighter format that takes immensely less space than XML and doesn’t create any burden on your storage capacity.

JSON Has Object Types but XML Doesn’t

Adequate structure and clear logic are essential to write a programming code. JSON has object types that make it easier for a programmer to distinguish various attributes effectively. But, you won’t find any object type in XML that increases the complexity of this format.

JSON Is More Readable Format Than XML

The structure of JSON is simpler than XML, which increases its readability. You can quickly map to domain objects in JSON while working with any programming language.

About Our JSON Viewer

You can use our JSON viewer to display the results of your coding and to manage the stored data without using any external software. Our Tool will not only enable you to view the working of your code but also allows you to make any required modifications.

As JSON is being utilized in website development today, it is gaining popularity and taking over XML slowly and steadily.


You can use this online tool to have a better view of your JSON code in a tree view that will assist you in understanding the code.

You can simply upload your JSON file or copy/paste the code on our JSON online viewer to view the JSON straightforwardly.

Yes! JSON reader is completely safe to use and free of all types of malware and viruses. There will be no harm to your device with the utilization of this free tool.

You don’t need to go through any sign-up procedures or install any software on your device to download JSON files with this online tool.

No! The JSON code you will upload on this tool will not be saved or stored on our server. You don’t need to feel worried about the privacy of your JSON data at all.

Our JSON reader works equally fine on all web browsers, no matter whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer.

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