JSON Viewer

JSON viewer is an online web-based tool that helps to view JSON code, analyze JSON data simply along with formatting. You can read JSON in the form of tree, text, form, and code view as well.

JSON Viewer Online & Overview Of The JSON Format

You can use the JSON viewer to display the results of your coding and to manage the stored data without using any external software. Our Tool will not only enable you to view the working of your code but also allows you to make any required modifications. This JSON reader can be easily accessed on any web browser and also available for all Operating Systems. As JSON is being utilized in website development today, it is gaining popularity and taking over XML slowly and steadily.

Whenever some data is shared between applications/web browsers and servers, the data has to be in plain text. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) follows the syntax of JS objects, and when you share data on a network, it is transformed into a JS object. JSON is also used for storing data that can be displayed to a user either on a webpage or application. The primary purpose of JSON is to transmit data between web applications because it is a text-based format and is language independent, which can be run anywhere.

View JSON Code in Multiple Ways:

Our online JSON viewer presents the code in four ways:

  1. Tree View
  2. Text View
  3. Form View
  4. Code View

The basic format of JSON includes a couple of elements that are, objects, key/value pairs, which are the members of objects, arrays, strings, and values. If you are facing an issue with the format of JSON then you must use our free JSON formatter that can help you to format the code. We all want pages to load images without refreshing the whole page because it sometimes can take a lot of time if a page is heavy. JSON enables you to gain an easy to access method, and today, websites are using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX). It allows them to load data in the background to display to the user without any delay or reloading the entire page.

How Does Our JSON Viewer Work?

The JSON viewer on our website is a brilliant utility for viewing and analyzing the JSON code and its formatting. You can use our Tool without going through any intricate processes. There is no need to go through the problematic sign up procedures on other websites, as our online tool doesn’t put you in such a hassle. Our online JSON viewer doesn’t demand a penny from its users; you can start using this tool as soon as you access it. It doesn’t waste your time or ask you to put any effort into viewing JSON files.

You only need to follow the steps mentioned below for using our JSON file viewer.

Steps To Use Our JSON Viewer:

Step 1

After accessing this tool, you will see a box where you can start writing or paste the JSON code. The tool also allows you to upload the JSON file stored on your device or paste the code or enter a URL to fetch JSON.

Step 2

Lastly, click on the “View JSON” button. The results will be displayed on your screen in a blink of an eye, due to our super-fast functionality and web-based services.

Why Use JSON Viewer?

JSON file reader is an online tool for the people involved in using this format to transmit and store data. There can be several reasons behind using the online JSON viewer utility. Some of them are as follows:

No external software required

One of the benefits of using our JSON file viewer is that it is entirely web-based and doesn’t require software installation. You just need an internet connection to get access and view JSON files on this tool without any hassle. There’s no need to put a burden on your device by installing software for viewing JSON.

Make modifications

Alongside viewing JSON, Our JSON reader also allows you to make modifications. With the same tool’s assistance, you can edit and make changes to your JSON code without facing any restrictions.

Features of JSON Viewer

Various platforms are providing JSON reader service, but the online JSON viewer by JSONOnline.net is surely the best one you can find. We are saying this because of the high-class features provided by our hassle-free utility. Some of its best features are discussed below.


The users will not face any kind of compatibility issues for using Our Tool. You can view JSON files running on any operating system, be it Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, or Android. The results, functionality, and speed of our tool will stay the same, no matter which device you’re using it on.

Instantaneous results:

The super-fast results displayed by this incredible JSON file reader is the thing you might not find in any other tool. There is no need to waste your precious time, as you can get your hands on the results instantly with this smart web-based service.

Multiple options to input JSON:

There are various ways by which you can upload JSON on our online JSON file viewer. Some tools might only allow you to copy-paste or type the JSON code, but our tool is providing much more than that. There’s an option to upload the JSON file from your device, and you can also enter a URL to fetch the JSON file from it.

No registration:

Many online platforms ask their users to enter their email or link their social accounts for using the tool. There’s no such hurdle for using our JSON file reader; you can start viewing JSON files as soon as you access this tool.